ANAPQUI was constituted a December 3, 1983, as a result of the first congress of quinoa producers held at the headquarters of the factory in the city of La Paz, with the participation of Mr. Simon Yampara Minister for Rural and Agricultural Affairs, Abdon Rojas Stri . CSUTCB organization, Víctor Hugo Cárdenas CSUTCB Advisor, David Marqués national CORACA Manager and delegates from different provinces and ayllu of Potosi, Oruro, La Paz and other participants. After extensive debate, the great fundamental point Congress decides, provide the organization with the name of the National Association of Quinoa Producers with their initials ANAPQUI National CORACA affiliate.
After the establishment of ANAPQUI, His first directive was composed of the following men with their portfolios:

Lucas Ignacio (Daniel Campos, Potosi) PRESIDENT
Cleto Villca (Salinas de G. Mendoza-Oruro) VICE
Maximo Villanueva (La Paz) STRI. MARKETING
Fermín Canaviri (Quijarro-Potosi) STRI. INDUSTRIALIZATION
Alberto Mamani (La Paz) STRI. OF MINUTES
Francisco Quisbert (Nor Lipez, Potosi) STRI. FINANCE
Guillermo Ruelants (Nor Lipez, Potosi) ADVISORY
as mandated functions of the grand congress, incentives for production, commercialization and industrialization, an autonomous organization shall work with the unions.

Representatives or agents of the association on behalf of the highest court that the beginning was the Congress and now the assembly of partners is the national board that is elected from a list proposed by delegates at the great meeting of members that held annually by secret ballot by delegates holding regional organizations (1 delegate per 10 members).

Currently ANAPQUI a civil institution of private law as stipulated by the statutes of the association with legal personality recognized by Supreme Resolution No. 202098 of February 10, 1987, is composed of regional organizations at the provincial and ayllus engaged in the production and marketing quinoa, and these are:

-Producing communities and Camelids Royal Quinoa "COPROQUIRC."
-The Association of Quinoa Producers Real Yaretani "APROQUIRY."
"The Provincial Society of Quinoa Producers" SOPPROQUI. "
-The Association of Quinoa Producers and Livestock "APROQUIGAN."
-The Association of Quinoa Producers North Quijarro "APQUINQUI."
-The Quinoa Producing Communities Ayllu Coracora "COPROQUINAC."
"The Comprehensive Development Centre K'uichi" CEDEINKU. "
"The Ecological Farmers Association of Quinoa and Camelids" APREQC. "
-Regional Association of Agricultural Producers Ayllus Township Comprehensive drank "ARPAIAMT"
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National Association of Quinoa Producers
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